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7 Questions with Jacob Nottingham

The team at Reviewing the Brew had a chance to talk to Milwaukee Brewers catcher Jacob Nottingham. Take a look at his answers…

Milwaukee Brewers catcher Jacob Nottingham had one of the best seats in the house for Game #163, and he took a few moments to respond to a few burning questions that the team at Reviewing the Brew had.

1. What was the mood in the clubhouse before Game #163?

The mood was very relaxed, just playing music and guys hanging out. It was very loose like it’s been for any other game.

2. Who do you usually sit with during games, bench or bullpen? Who did you watch game #163 with?

Usually I sit with Stephen Vogt, but for game #163 I was kind of with everyone pacing around.

3. Anything surprise you in the course of the game?

No, I thought the atmosphere was awesome the whole game. We put up good at bats and our pitchers threw great. We played as a team like we always do.

4. What role do you like to have in post-game celebrations?  Are you a hugger or a high-five guy?

Oh, I think I’m definitely a hugger.

5. Would you rather catch a pitcher jumping into your arms, or jump into the pitcher’s arms?

Hmmm. I think I’d rather have the pitcher jump into my arms.

6. Have you talked/texted with teammates since the trip back to Milwaukee? How much is everyone looking forward to the NLDS?

No, not really. We don’t need to – I know everyone will be ready to go!

7. What do guys not on the playoff roster do during the playoffs?

I think everyone just wants to support and be ready.

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The team at Reviewing the Brew owes a big thank you to Jacob for giving up some of his free time to answer questions. We definitely hope to see more hugs, high fives, and pitchers jumping into catchers arms as the Milwaukee Brewers progress through the playoffs.

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