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Brewers Honor Fallen Officer by Making Him Their ’10th Man’

​As we head into the new period, the Milwaukee Brewers are warming our hearts with an extraordinary gesture toward a grieving family. 

Milwaukee Police Office officer Matthew Rittner was shot and killed last 7 days. He was answering to a lookup warrant when he was killed. He was 35 at the time of his passing. 

The Brewers, who realized he was a die-tricky enthusiast, have resolved to honor him by naming him the team’s ’10th man’, which is really amazing. 

The ’10th man’ title is just not all, although. 

The Brewers also have a locker saved for Rittner in the clubhouse down at Spring Teaching. ​​This is some thing the players and Rittner’s family can take pleasure in, no question. 

Definitely, you hate to hear the news of a law enforcement officer getting killed in the line of obligation. 

You have to feel for his family. With any luck ,, this newest act of kindness from the Brewers can aid provide a smile to their faces during this challenging time. 

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