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Crew Interested In Troy Tulowitzki

Troy Tulowitzki had a workout for MLB teams on Tuesday, and whatever teams that were interested in signing him were in attendance. Now we know the Milwaukee Brewers are one of those interested teams.

According to Robert Murray of The Athletic (subscription required), the Milwaukee Brewers sent three representatives to watch Troy Tulowitzki’s workout.

Reports from other scouts who were in attendance said that Tulo looked good and he seemed to be the healthiest he’s been in years. It’s unknown if the Brewers scouts were as impressed.

But given the fact that Milwaukee had three people from their organization in attendance, that should lead us to believe the Brewers are seriously interested in bringing in Tulowitzki.

That’s a pretty good sized presence for a showcase.

Why Does Tulowitzki Make Sense?

We discussed this on last week’s podcast, and Tulowitzki almost makes too much sense not to bring in.

He’s only going to sign for the veteran’s minimum salary, which is $600k, and he’s been a star player in the past. If he’s healthy, then the Brewers are getting a star player for a very inexpensive price tag. He’s shown in the past, in between injuries, that when he’s healthy, he can still produce at a high level.

If he gets injured, then the Brewers have the depth to cover for him between Hernan Perez, Mauricio Dubon, and Tyler Saladino. The Brewers could rest him on the bench once every couple of days to keep him fresh and healthy like they do with Ryan Braun.

Reports have said Tulo is willing to change positions and wants to play for a contender. The Brewers check both of those boxes as he would most likely fit at second base for Milwaukee.

Who Else Is Interested In Tulowitzki?

According to reports, the Giants, Angels, Red Sox, Cubs, Padres, White Sox, Orioles, Yankees, Phillies, Tigers and Pirates were also in attendance for the workout.

If Tulo does indeed want to play on a contending team for his one year, prove it deal, and he’s willing to change positions, Milwaukee makes a lot of sense for him.

He had success in a hitters park in Colorado at the beginning of his career. Maybe coming to another hitters park in Milwaukee would help him get back to that level of production.

The good thing for Milwaukee is, it doesn’t matter how much other teams want Tulo, because money is not going to be a factor in negotiations to get him. It’s all going to be about the right fit for Tulo as he chooses his next team.

There have been a number of reports that Milwaukee is now a free agent destination, and players are telling their agents to reach out to the Brewers because it’s a team they want to play for. With the positive, close-knit clubhouse atmosphere, that’s another checkmark for the Milwaukee Brewers when Tulo is trying to decide where he wants to play.

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There’s almost no risk involved in signing Tulowitzki considering how he’s only going to sign for the veteran’s minimum. If he gets injured again, there’s no long term harm or financial waste. If he succeeds, let him go elsewhere and possibly slap a qualifying offer on him.

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