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Lorenzo Cain, Manny Pina Snubbed At Gold Gloves

The Milwaukee Brewers had four players nominated for Gold Gloves this year. None of them won.

When the Gold Glove finalists were announced, most figured Travis Shaw and Christian Yelich stood little chance of winning. But the Milwaukee Brewers still had two strong candidates in Lorenzo Cain and Manny Pina.

When the awards were announced live on ESPN, many were shocked to learn that the Brewers were completely shut out from the awards this year.

Lorenzo Cain Was Robbed

Despite having a +20 DRS, 11 outfield assists, three double plays, and a +13 fielding runs above average, Lorenzo Cain did not win the Gold Glove award.

The honor instead went to Ender Inciarte of the Braves, who had a +17 DRS, six outfield assists, three double plays turned, and a +15 fielding runs above average.

With the better stats and numerous home run robberies, it’s a complete shock that Cain did not win the award. However, stats only count for 25% of the vote for this award. The other 75% come from votes from fellow players and coaches.

It seems like an odd way to determine the best defensive players in each league. With the current format, it allows players to win based on reputation more than actual numbers. Speaking of which…

Manny Pina Was Robbed

For the ninth time, Yadier Molina has won the NL Gold Glove award at catcher. He seemingly wins every year despite the fact that his stats have taken a downturn at this point in his career.

Molina threw out 31% of would-be base-stealers in 2018. Manny Pina threw out 41%.

Molina was worth -1 DRS in 2018. Pina was worth +6 DRS.

Molina allowed four passed balls. Pina only allowed two.

Molina allowed 39 wild pitches. Pina only allowed 25.

Molina has the reputation of being the best defensive catcher in baseball. Pina does not.

Unfortunately, only the reputation is what matters in this case, not the numbers. Despite everything that Pina did this season to deserve the award, it won’t be given to him, which is an absolute shame.

Completely Shut Out

None of the Milwaukee Brewers won the Gold Glove this year. Because of that, Carlos Gomez remains the last Brewers player to win the award, when he did it in 2013 in center field.

Lorenzo Cain has never won a Gold Glove in his career, despite putting up the numbers to earn it. He’s going to have to wait another year to win his first.

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It’s a disappointing start to the awards season for the Brewers, but it figures to pick up in the weeks ahead with Christian Yelich, Craig Counsell, and David Stearns all favorites for some big awards.

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