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Milwaukee Brewers: RTB Podcast – Need To Wake Up Bats

This week on the Reviewing the Brew Podcast, site experts David Gasper and Matthew Dewoskin, along with contributor Matt Yeazel get together to discuss everything Milwaukee Brewers.

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It’s an exciting time, but also a gut-wrenching time for Milwaukee Brewers fans. The Brewers are getting ready for Game 6 of the NLCS, but they’re down 3-2 in the series and need to reel off two straight wins to head to the World Series.

The especially tough part is the fact that the offense has seemingly disappeared, and we discuss what has gone wrong and what the Brewers need to do to get their offense on track.

Also, Craig Counsell has employed some interesting pitching strategies during this NLCS and it’s actually worked out for the most part. But the offense hasn’t backed up the incredible work of the pitching staff.

The most shocking of the strategies Counsell used was during Game 5 when he pulled Wade Miley after only one hitter and went to Brandon Woodruff for the next five-plus innings. We discussed our initial reactions to seeing that strategy play out and what kind of impact it has on the rest of the series. And with Brandon Woodruff getting some big innings here in October, is he set up for a rotation spot next year?

The rotation was a big topic of discussion, especially with how it lines up for next season. There’s seven or eight possible starting pitchers that are already in the organization, which doesn’t account for any potential outside additions.

Also, apparently Matt Yeazel has never seen the original Major League. And David and Matthew are appalled and disgusted to learn of this.

A New Segment

There’s also the introduction of a new segment on the Reviewing the Brew Podcast and it revolves around some controversial events during the NLCS. You won’t want to miss that segment.

Games 6 and 7

We also have to look ahead to the next two games in the NLCS, that hopefully the Milwaukee Brewers will play. They have to win Game 6 to get to a seventh game. Do we think they can do it? Or is the season already over?

With Wade Miley and Jhoulys Chacin on the mound, along with a well rested bullpen, this could be a great chance to pull off a miracle.

Mailbag and Hot Takes

In the mailbag, we’re asked whether or not next season is World Series or bust regardless of whether or not they make it this year. Also, Matt has a hot take/bold prediction for the upcoming two games at Miller Park.

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