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Moose &Grandal Give Brewers Shot in Incredible NLCentral


Moose and Grandal Give Brewers Shot in Incredible NL Central

By John Pudner[Special to Marquette]

The Milwaukee Brewers signing of Mike Moustakas for another year after also adding Yasmani Grandal behind the plate gives them a one through six line-up that could challenge to repeat in an even tougher NL Central.

The projected Statis-Pro player cards indicate adding those two stars makes the Brewers the only NL team with at least a .768 park neutral OPS for their first six batters. The Dodgers’ line-up is the only other NL line-up with even five of the six above that mark.

With all the attention on where Manny Machado and Bryce Harper end up, it is possible this dual signing is even bigger for the Brewers than landing just one of those two super stars.

That being said, the basic look at the projection cards still puts the Brewers barely ahead of the Pirates as well as Yasiel Puig and the very improved Cincinnati Reds and still behind the Cubs and Cardinals who added Paul Goldschmidt and Andrew Miller.

The Brewers line-up is now in the middle based on OPS only because the light hitting middle infield in the 7th and 8th slots when I play the game holds their overall projected OPS to the same .768 figure, but a “bunched” offense produces a bit better results because big hits are closer together and the top of the order obviously has more plate appearances over the course of the season.

The Statis-Pro projections still rank the Brewers’ starting pitching as below average, despite the welcome return of Jeff Nelson as ace. The “ERA” is really the park neutral and defense neutral FIPs rating which indicates only Nelson has the strong “PB 2-7” of a strong starter which the rest are actually great hitting pitches but the mediocre “PB2-6” based on FIPs. The bullpen is a “10” based on being the only one in baseball with two “PB2-9” reserved to the top 5% of all park neutral FIPs ratings. (PB2-5 indicates the weakest pitcher in the game)

The division is so tough that it seems the Brewers need an ace starting pitcher like Dallas Keuchel, but this story is skeptical in light of his high asking price of a long term $25 million a year request when the Brewers are close to their goal of $125 million with the great signings so far. We would rank a trade for the more dominant Corey Kluber as higher on the wish list, but in a division this loaded that still might not be enough and the Brewers would be unloading top prospects.

Obviously if an NL team lands Harper or Machado they could shoot up in these ratings but for now the biggest issue facing the Brewers is their level of competition is so high in the NL Central.

Statis-pro baseball can be played for free using dice and I keep this game log of my games as well as updating my current season with notes on series such as right now when I’m going through games to give the best hitting pitchers in baseball all a game (and yes, we’ve had one pitcher home run).


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