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Noah Syndergaard Likely To Be Traded?

Recent reports suggest the New York Mets are seriously considering trading starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard. Could the Milwaukee Brewers make the move for their next ace?

According to Jon Heyman, there are at least six teams that have real interest in acquiring Noah Syndergaard. While he doesn’t state any teams and there’s no mention of the Milwaukee Brewers, it’s not that big of a stretch to consider them as contenders.

The key to getting any deal done is what are the Mets actually looking for in a return for Syndergaard. If they have a realistic idea of a return, something will come together. But if they want a team to go over the moon for him, Thor is likely to be stuck in New York.

Noah Syndergaard as an Ace

While Syndergaard certainly has the strength, size, and stuff to become a staff ace, he’s lacked the health and durability to fully prove that he can lead a rotation to this point in his career. He’s dealt with arm and shoulder injuries in the past, as well as a case of hand, foot, and mouth disease this year.

Syndergaard stands 6’6″, 240 lbs and has a career 2.93 ERA. When healthy, the 26 year old is one of the best young arms in baseball. However, he was limited to 25 starts in 2018 and made only seven starts in 2017.

It’s so easy to dream on the potential of Syndergaard and the fact he’s under team control for three more seasons is enticing to interested teams. His contract lines up well with the Milwaukee Brewers championship window. He’s just now hitting his prime.

Also, it’s pretty well known that the Mets have a reputation of handling injury situations poorly, which makes things worse for their players. It’s possible that just getting him out of New York and in the hands of a better medical staff that Syndergaard will remain healthy.

What Would A Syndergaard Trade Cost?

The Mets are still expecting to try to contend in 2019 despite possibly moving Syndergaard. Despite the poor state of their roster, they’re going to try it. It probably won’t go well, but that’s not our concern. Our concern is what they’re asking for in a Syndergaard trade.

The reports indicate the Mets are looking for major league ready players, guys they can plug into their 25 man roster to help out in 2019. Remember that Mets TV analyst that proposed trading Christian Yelich and Zach Davies to get Syndergaard and Brandon Nimmo? While the Mets hopefully aren’t stupid enough to even bring up Yelich’s name, they’re going to want an impact MLB player back.

What impact MLB player can the Brewers spare? David Stearns could throw Domingo Santana and Chase Anderson or Zach Davies at the Mets, but that won’t be enough. They’ll likely want one or two of Corbin Burnes, Freddy Peralta, and Brandon Woodruff.

For the Brewers, Burnes is off-limits. Peralta is likely off-limits as well. That leaves trading Brandon Woodruff as a centerpiece for Syndergaard. That’s not bad, but it’s not enough to convince the Mets to move him.

Overall, the Brewers acquiring Syndergaard could be characterized as unlikely. Unless Stearns is willing to throw in Freddy Peralta to make something happen, Thor won’t be coming to Milwaukee. These two teams just don’t seem to match up well with what the Mets are seeking in return.

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The Milwaukee Brewers are on the lookout for starting pitching, and with the large number of trade options on the market this year, as well as the two top free agent options, Syndergaard going elsewhere might not be a bad thing. That’s just one less team to compete with for the other starting pitchers that have a better track record of health.

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