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Milwaukee Brewers

Top 5 Presents In Recent Memory

Milwaukee Brewers

MILWAUKEE, WI – APRIL 7: Milwaukee Brewers ball cap and gloves are left on the dugout steps during the game against the San Francisco Giants at Miller Park on April 18, 2013 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Photo by Tom Lynn/Getty Images)

We all have that favorite present. The present that trumps all other presents. Mine was getting the chance to watch my Phoenix Suns lose to the Golden State Warriors each year. Keep in mind this was during the Steve Nash era. You’re a top team in the Western Conference and you can’t win a game against the lowly Warriors? Are you kidding me? Can you tell I’m still definitely not bitter?

Anyways, being that time of year, it’s time to talk presents. Specifically those from David Stearns the past few years. The Milwaukee Brewers’ GM has been in a very giving mood of late. He’s made some great moves that now have the Brewers as legit contenders in the National League. Yes, Stearns has his fair share of failed deals or missed opportunities. But, given its the holiday season we’re here to celebrate the positives, not his shortcomings.

To truly become a contender in a small market, the front office and coaching staff have to work flawlessly in getting the right talent. The organization must perform similar to the “moneyball” Oakland A’s, taking advantage of market inefficiencies whenever they are present.

From nabbing a future Most Valuable Player to signing a solid contributor in the bullpen, the Brewers have done this. Their acquisitions will never lead headlines with “$400 million to Player X” but they’ve been calculated and, most of the time, have worked out. This is essential for a small market team that can’t mindlessly spend money.

We’ll count this list down from five and throw a few honorable mentions in there. We’ll reach as far back as a 2015 trade that set up a lot of the future of Milwaukee Brewers baseball and make a few stops each following year. Naturally, I believe you know what number one will be but it’s about the road to it, not the result itself!

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