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What does the Corbin deal mean for Keuchel?

The Washington Nationals signed left-hander Patrick Corbin to a six-year deal worth $140 million on Tuesday. What does his deal mean for Dallas Keuchel and the Milwaukee Brewers?

The Milwaukee Brewers have been in search of a true ace for almost two years. There’s a non-zero chance that they start the 2019 season with the same group of starting pitchers that they currently have, but they are checking on available options. While trades seem the most likely route for the Brewers to upgrade their starting staff, they could still look to the free agent market.

Patrick Corbin is off the market after inking a mega-deal with the Washington Nationals. Dallas Keuchel is likely the next big name to sign. Will Corbin’s contract have an impact on the deal Keuchel can get?

Who’s in on Keuchel?

It’s believed that the Philadelphia Phillies are ‘in’ on Keuchel, but the Cincinnati Reds and Toronto Blue Jays have also been linked to Keuchel.

Did Corbin get more than expected?

According to, Corbin did better than expected. MLBTR predicting Corbin signing a six year deal worth $129 million. They had the years right, but were a little light on dollars.

How about Keuchel?

MLBTR has Keuchel getting a four-year deal worth $82 million. Now that Corbin has set the bar for the top free agent starter, Keuchel should ask for a fifth year and lot more money.

How does this impact the Brewers?

Well, the Milwaukee Brewers will have to pony up for a five-year deal for Keuchel. Already 31 years old, the Brewers may not want to commit for the years and dollars that Keuchel will command, especially now that the bar moved up thanks to Corbin.

If the Phillies, Blue Jays, or Reds are serious about adding Keuchel to the top of their rotation, they’ll have no problem getting into a bidding war for his services. The Milwaukee Brewers signed Lorenzo Cain to a five-year deal worth $80 million last year, but it’s rare for them to spend that much on a single free agent.

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The signing of Corbin at an inflated rate may have priced Keuchel out of the Milwaukee Brewers range. The Brewers can still look to the trade market to add to their rotation, but unless they can work out a deal with Keuchel, they won’t add a free agent starter this year. Given the number of teams known to to be sniffing around Keuchel, a deal for Milwaukee is looking unlikely.

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