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Who’s in, who’s out on Troy Tulowitzki?

Free agent infielder Troy Tulowitzki checks a lot of boxes for the Milwaukee Brewers. However, there are several teams after the former All-Star. Let’s take a look at the latest rumors swirling around Tulowitzki.

The Milwaukee Brewers were linked to Troy Tulowitzki almost as soon as the Toronto Blue Jays decided to move on from him. He’ll only cost the veteran’s minimum, he can still produce, and he’s a capable defender. There’s a lot to like with Tulowitzki, but there are several teams who could use a veteran infielder who won’t cost much and has upside.

There are a few teams that are still interested in Tulowitzki, and a few that have moved on. Where do the Milwaukee Brewers stand?

Why does Tulowitzki only get the veteran’s minimum?

Baseball has guaranteed contracts, meaning players get paid whether they play or not. Tulowitzki was released with two years on his contract, and the Blue Jays are still on the hook for that, but other teams can sign him. His salary with his new team will reduce the amount the Blue Jays have to pay, but he’s still going to get his millions, so there’s no incentive to sign him to a larger deal. He’s going to get paid either way.

What’s the latest on Tulowitzki?

The good news is that the Oakland A’s are out. The bad news is that the Pittsburgh Pirates need a shortstop, and have been linked to Tulowitzki. If Tulowitzki wants to stay at short, he’ll get an opportunity to play every day with the Pirates. The Chicago Cubs were also one of six teams linked to Tulowitzki.

Does he really make sense for the Brewers?

That depends. If he’s willing to play second base and wants to compete for a ring, the Milwaukee Brewers make a lot of sense for the 34-year old veteran. Tulowitzki posted a .254/.318/.443 slash line in his last full season in the Majors. That level of production, plus his solid defense, would represent a huge upgrade over what the Brewers had at second base last year.

However, if he only wants to play shortstop, he’s probably not coming to Milwaukee.

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Tulowitzki is only two years removed from a 3.0 WAR season, and is almost nine months removed from surgery to remove bone spurs from both heels. He’s had a long time to allow his body to heal, and could have one more ‘lightning-in-a-bottle’ season left. He’s scheduled to hold a workout for scouts soon, and that will likely dictate how his off season goes. There may also be more suitors for Tulowitzki once Manny Machado signs.

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